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San Antonio Legal Blog

Medical malpractice: VA staff left sponges inside patient

Virtually everyone agrees that America's veterans deserve the best medical care whether they are treated here in San Antonio or anywhere else around the nation. Unfortunately, Veterans Affairs does not always deliver even standard care.

A VA hospital was recently charged with medical malpractice and negligence in a lawsuit filed in federal court. Hospital staff left sponges inside a patient who underwent heart surgery, it is alleged in court documents.

Congresswoman bucks party on medical malpractice cap

She is just three years old, but she has already been cut off from many of life's simple pleasures. Because of the irreversible brain injury she sustained at birth, she will never be able to walk, run, stand up or skip a rope.

The cause of the birth injury was doctor negligence. He ignored tests that showed the baby was at high risk of jaundice. Instead of acting to protect her, he sent the baby and mom home. And if Congress has its way, damages for a disability that will last a lifetime will be capped at $250,000.

Medical residents' days stretch from 16 hours to 24-hour shifts

This past weekend, 30,000 first-year medical residents began working in hospitals from San Antonio to San Francisco to New York and points in between. As the new doctors began their first rounds, new work rules went into effect that could add 8 hours or even more to their shifts.

Doctors just out of medical school will now be able to work for 24 hours straight instead of being limited to 16-hour shifts. With the change come concerns that medical errors that harm patients will occur with greater frequency.

House passes measure to cap medical malpractice compensation

As we have reported here in our San Antonio legal blog, and countless other have stated in blogs, articles, news reports and editorials across the nation, efforts to cap compensation in medical malpractice litigation hurts one group of people: those who have been harmed by medical malpractice.

It is only people who can prove to a court that they have been harmed by a negligent doctor or hospital who will be affected. And they are the ones who will be hurt if legislation recently approved by the House of Representatives is also passed by the U.S. Senate.

Unneeded Surgery: Army Veteran Settles Lawsuit Against VA Medical Center

One thing we trust doctors to do is to avoid prescribing and carrying out medical treatments that we do not need.

Sometimes, though, unnecessary medical procedures are carried out due to misdiagnosis or another failure on the part of medical providers, and the result can be harm to the patient.

Jury finds doctor, hospital negligent in medical malpractice case

Far from us in San Antonio, a jury has decided against a doctor and healthcare system in a case in which negligence was alleged. The doctor and hospital ownership group were ordered to pay more than $1 million in a medical malpractice case in South Carolina.

According to a recent newspaper article, a woman went to an emergency room in March of 2011, coughing and short of breath and complaining of congestion.

Family of Navy Veteran Sues VA after Fatal Fall in Hospital

Ensuring the health and safety of patients often involves monitoring those patients who are in need of continuous care. Failure to monitor patients can have catastrophic consequences, as a recent lawsuit against the Department of Veterans Affairs claims.

A Navy veteran's family is suing the VA for wrongful death and negligence.

Miscommunication often a factor in medical errors and malpractice

When a doctor hands a patient off to another doctor, the transfer of care can too often lead to preventable errors. The result can be patient injuries and medical malpractice litigation, says the author of a recent Medscape article exploring the beginnings and ends of physician responsibility in patient handoffs.

Vital information about diagnosis, medication and care can fall into the cracks of doctor handoff at the end of one shift and start of another.

Public health lab botches test results

The nine most terrifying words in the English language, it has been said, are "I'm from the government and I'm here to help." Those words rang true again while we read recently that a number of people in the nation's capital were given bad medical information about the Zika virus last year.

The medical errors resulted in misdiagnoses that included three people in Washington DC who were wrongly informed that they did not have the virus when, in fact, they did have it. Twenty-six others who might have been infected were wrongly given clean bills of health.

A closer look at wrong-site surgery

No one looks forward to surgery, but most San Antonio residents expect the best and hope that the operation will result in improved health.

Unfortunately, surgery can have the opposite effect. Far too often, surgical errors occur, leaving patients with more medical problems after the operation than they had before. Wrong-site surgery is a preventable medical error that has changed forever the lives of the victims of doctor negligence.