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20 years later, doctor admits he lied in medical malpractice case

Nearly 20 years have gone by since a doctor was called to the witness stand to testify about the surgical skills of his partner. The surgeon was asked in a medical malpractice trial if his partner's work had ever been substandard. "No, never," he replied.

All these years later, he has a blunt admission to make about his testimony: "I lied," the 77-year-old says.

Sons Say Veteran's Records Showed He Was Allergic to Drug He Was Given

Studies show that medical errors are the third-leading cause of death in the United States, and medical errors take many forms.

Unfortunately, failure to identify patient allergies and failure to act on test results are two of the most common.

Watchdog finds more unsafe practices at VA medical center

Over the past few years, the news media has come to understand that the federal government's Department of Veterans Affairs has more than its share of problems with patient care and safety. One of the VA's most problem-plagued hospitals can be found in Tomah, Wisconsin, where investigators uncovered evidence that doctors handed out opiates to patients like candy.

Some veterans who were patients at the facility began referring to the place as "Candy Land" because of the proliferation there of opiate prescriptions. An investigation found "unsafe medical practices" at the medical center, along with a culture of fear that made it difficult for staffers to report irregularities.

Check yourself out and help prevent skin cancer

No one knows you better than you do. You know which kinds of movies you like, which foods taste good to you and which ones do not, and you know exactly what you look like first thing in the morning and last thing at night.

So no one is more qualified than you to keep an eye on you. Doctors often stress the importance of checking yourself for new moles and examining the moles you already have for changes that could be early signs of melanomas.

Misunderstanding a hot head

We all function at least a little bit like our own doctors and nurses. We do the same for our children, of course, especially when they are very young.

Everyone is aware that elevated body temperatures can be strong signals that a person is ill. When the thermometer climbs over 99 degrees, many of us assume we have an infection. We will often dial the doctor's office to schedule an appointment to get treatment of the infection. However, a recent Popular Science article points out that sometimes what is assumed to be a fever-causing infection is actually an entirely different and distinct medical condition.

Veteran to Receive More Than $500,000 in Settlement with VA

Failure to diagnose is one form of medical malpractice, but so is failure to inform the patient about medical test results and provide the appropriate treatment.

That was the case for a veteran who says his life was shortened because a VA hospital overlooked a test.

A Texas hospital administrator sues for medical malpractice

It is interesting to see how unforeseen events can dramatically change a person's viewpoint. We read recently of the administrator of a Texas hospital northeast of San Antonio has come to understand the plight of victims of doctor negligence.

The longtime administrator of Falls Community Hospital in Marlin has filed a medical malpractice lawsuit against a Waco hospital for failing to give him medication that might have prevented his August 2015 stroke.

Understanding Your Legal Options After VA Medical Negligence

Medical malpractice takes many forms, and like other hospitals, VA medical centers are not immune to errors that harm patients. In fact, we've discussed multiple kinds of VA medical malpractice in recent months:

Unfortunately, it's a common misconception that VA hospitals cannot be held accountable for medical negligence, but they can.

Are double-booked surgeons higher risks of medical malpractice?

If you are scheduled for surgery at a Veterans Affairs hospital on your back, heart or brain, you are among the patients most likely to have a double-booked surgeon. What is that, you wonder. A doctor who bills twice?

No, a double-booked surgeon is one who is doing two operations in separate rooms at the same time. It is most common in orthopedics, cardiac surgery and neurosurgery, according to a recent report in a medical publication. Does the practice fatigue doctors and put patients at risk of harm due to medical malpractice? The jury is out on the matter, with impassioned opinions on both sides of the question.

Medical malpractice: VA staff left sponges inside patient

Virtually everyone agrees that America's veterans deserve the best medical care whether they are treated here in San Antonio or anywhere else around the nation. Unfortunately, Veterans Affairs does not always deliver even standard care.

A VA hospital was recently charged with medical malpractice and negligence in a lawsuit filed in federal court. Hospital staff left sponges inside a patient who underwent heart surgery, it is alleged in court documents.