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Because of the publicity it receives, bariatric surgery to promote weight loss appears more routine than it really is. In fact, this procedure is major surgery and has a high rate of post-operative complications. Common problems include bleeding, infection, leaking from the suture line, and pulmonary embolisms. Bariatric surgery can also lead to the death of the patient. These circumstances can be the result of negligence by members of the surgical team or hospital. Even successful surgeries result in major changes in the patient's lifestyle.

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There are several types of bariatric weight-loss surgery, including:

  • Gastric banding surgery, in which the stomach is made smaller with an inflatable or fixed band around the upper part of the stomach
  • Gastric by-pass surgery, the most often performed weight-loss surgery in the U.S. A small pouch is created that bypasses the rest of the stomach. There are several types of by-pass surgery that are collectively known as malabsorptive surgeries.

Complications of weight-loss surgery

Our law firm has helped people who have experienced problems after gastric by-pass and gastric banding surgery because of negligence. This can take the form of:

  • Failure to diagnose or treat post-operative problems such as infections, leaking of gastric juices and bleeding
  • Failure to evaluate patients correctly before surgery
  • Failure to adjust gastric bands in the event of pregnancy or wasting disease
  • Failure to monitor nutritional intake after surgery
  • Hernias caused by open surgery
  • Failure to diagnose gallstones
  • Failure to identify breakdown of the gastric band in banding surgery

Patients who have laparoscopic surgery often recover more quickly and have less discomfort than those whose weight-loss surgery uses a traditional open incision. There is pressure on surgeons to use laparoscopic techniques when they do not have adequate experience. This is a frequent cause of problems in bariatric surgery patients.

Legal experience and medical knowledge helps our clients

Our lawyer has both years of experience handling medical negligence cases and a medical background. This helps him identify issues and present a strong argument for compensation after complications caused by negligence.

If you need a Texas attorney to initiate a federal tort claims action, our office can help you file Standard Form 95 (SF95).

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