Problems persist at VA hospitals

On Behalf of | Jan 7, 2017 | VA Hospital Negligence

Two years ago, San Antonio media was filled with stories about substandard care and treatment of veterans at a VA hospital in Arizona. Leadership changes at the Department of Veterans Affairs followed the public outcry, but now a whistleblower says that despite all the attention and the changes, patient care at the VA facility has not improved.

He says the Phoenix hospital is “the worst example of VA health care in the United States.”

An inspector general’s report said flawed scheduling problems of the sort that received so much criticism at the Arizona hospital exist at other VA facilities as well. You might recall that in 2014, a firestorm of criticism ignited when whistleblowers charged that vets were dying waiting for appointments for treatments.

Whistleblower Brandon Coleman says new leaders of the VA installed in the aftermath of the scandal have not been able to improve scheduling and care. “The VA is so corroded and corrupt at this point it doesn’t matter who the figurehead is,” he told a newspaper.

VA critics say that the culture within the federal agency is resistant to change and correction. Some say that veterans must be given health care options outside of the VA system in order to ensure that they are getting the treatments and attention from doctors that they need.

Those who have been harmed by substandard treatment at a VA facility can be eligible for compensation. A military medical malpractice attorney experienced in VA matters can help you pursue justice and full, fair compensation.

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