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September 2018 Archives

Marine continues to fight VA over medical malpractice

Regular readers of our San Antonio legal blog might remember that back in July we shared the story of a veteran struggling with pain and the VA. Marine vet Brian Tully was misdiagnosed by a doctor at a VA hospital, but the Department of Veterans Affairs has rejected his medical malpractice claim, though it acknowledges that the physician made mistakes.

The difference between medical malpractice and medical battery

When a patient suffers from an injury due to surgery, many questions arise. Military clinicians and medical professionals are responsible for making important health decisions, and equally responsible to receiving proper consent. Every patient has rights, and they may need to file a legal claim.

Who is to blame for a medical error: doctor or machine?

Because medical errors are so common – a 2016 study said about 250,000 Americans are killed each year by medical errors – researchers have developed technologies to help reduce human mistakes. A hospital in England has developed an artificial intelligence system that examines chest scans to identify heart-attack risks. The results apparently indicate that the AI system is outperforming cardiologists.

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