Doctor accused of military medical malpractice surrenders license

On Behalf of | Feb 6, 2017 | Military Medical Malpractice

As regular readers of our San Antonio legal blog know, there are a number of common types of medical malpractice, including surgical errors, misdiagnosis and failure to diagnose. We also see far too many cases in which doctors prescribe the wrong medications or overprescribe drugs to patients.

We read recently of a case in which a VA chief of staff has agreed to give up his license to practice medicine after being plagued for years with allegations that he overprescribed opioids to patients.

It has taken three years, but patient advocates say they have finally gotten a VA doctor to surrender his license to practice in Wisconsin. The psychiatrist never admitted to medical malpractice while he was chief of staff at a VA facility in Tomah.

A recent article on the website said there have been numerous allegations of malpractice against the doctor reportedly involved in an “opiate scandal that led injury and death to numerous veterans.”

The Tomah VA facility “received a ton of negative press since the scandal escalated,” the article states. The controversy even included the leaking of a video of VA employees playing a version of the child’s game Hungry Hippos while at work.

Another leaked video showed VA staff making a “Ghostbusters” parody about a flu vaccine.

It seems that some patients wish the staff paid more attention to providing standard care and treatments rather than trying to be funny on videos.

Not so funny: conclusions of a 359-page investigation into the Tomah facility, which found that “tragedies” have occurred at the facility and that personnel responsible have been removed from the staff there.

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