A Texas hospital administrator sues for medical malpractice

On Behalf of | Aug 19, 2017 | Military Medical Malpractice

It is interesting to see how unforeseen events can dramatically change a person’s viewpoint. We read recently of the administrator of a Texas hospital northeast of San Antonio has come to understand the plight of victims of doctor negligence.

The longtime administrator of Falls Community Hospital in Marlin has filed a medical malpractice lawsuit against a Waco hospital for failing to give him medication that might have prevented his August 2015 stroke.

The Waco Tribune-Herald reports that the administrator went to the ER at the Providence Health Center in Waco with shortness of breath and a rapid heartbeat. \

After his admission to the hospital, a doctor prescribed the anticoagulant Lovenox to prevent possible blood clots. The administrator’s lawsuit states that the medication was not actually administered by hospital staff.

The following day, a cardiology consultant again ordered Lovenox, and again the medication was not given to the administrator.

After a doctor successfully restored the patient’s heartbeat to normal, the order for Lovenox was pulled and replaced with an order for Xarelto, an oral anticoagulant.

Again, the medication was not administered, the lawsuit contends.

The next morning, a nurse practitioner also ordered that Xarelto be administered ─ and again the patient didn’t receive the medication. This time it was because a nurse ordered that Xarelto be withheld.

The doctor wasn’t notified of the order to withhold.

The hospital administrator was taken home by his wife later that day. He then had a stroke while napping.

When doctors and hospital staff fail to communicate and fail to meet the proper standard of care, patients suffer.

If you have been injured by a medication error in a military hospital or VA facility, you can speak with a San Antonio medical malpractice attorney committed to obtaining justice and full compensation.