Pentagon handling military medical malpractice claims

On Behalf of | Jun 16, 2022 | Military Medical Malpractice

A career in the military is a challenging and fulfilling profession. Every day, dozens of soldiers put their lives on the line to protect American citizens. Their work is certainly not easy.

Therefore, when they suffer injuries, they are entitled to quality medical and legal care in Texas and throughout the country. However, the Pentagon has been putting the claims of servicemen and women on the back burner and delaying their payments.

Ignorance of military medical malpractice claims by the American army is rife. On March 12, the Pentagon presented a claims rule to the Office of Management and Budget at the White House. In September 2020, the amendment was certified.

Therefore, the Department of Defense cannot process the malpractice claims on time. Consequently, many downtrodden soldiers have borne the brunt of the incompetent service.

Historical account

For 70 years, Americans could not seek compensation in military hospitals regardless of whether it was a military medical malpractice claim of death or injury. However, in December 2019, Congress removed the ban. The move prompted the filing of $2.16 billion worth of medical malpractice claims from the military. The filing of the cases was under public law. Roughly 227 lawsuits have not had a proper ruling.

The chair of the Armed Services’ personnel subcommittee in the House, Representative Jackie Speier, followed up the claims issue with the Pentagon. Beth George, the general counsel of the military, revealed that by last year, it was complete.

However, she did not explain why it never made it to the Trump reign under the Office of Management and Budget review. It has caused the slowing down of up to $900 million in military medical malpractice claims.

Pushing the right buttons

In a bid to push the Pentagon to apply justice, Beth George has prepared the military regarding handling the claims. Additionally, she has also told the Office of Management and Budget to act fast in settling the claims.

Jackie Speier will also encourage the government to act quickly. Military personnel who plan to follow up on negligence claims should contact competent military medical malpractice attorneys to guide them on filing for compensation.