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Seeking Help After A Heart Disease Misdiagnosis

Heart disease receives a lot of attention in the media, and there is much information available about preventing heart problems. With all the focus on heart disease, though, it is surprising that symptoms of heart attacks and other types of coronary disease go undiagnosed or untreated by medical professionals.

At the Tinsman & Sciano, Inc., we help victims of medical malpractice get the compensation they need after a doctor’s failure to diagnose heart attack symptoms, angina, congestive heart failure or other heart disease. If you or loved one has been harmed due to misdiagnosis or delayed diagnosis, you may be entitled to significant compensation for medical expenses, lost income, pain and suffering, and other costs arising from the medical error.

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How Does Misdiagnosis Happen?

Although medical technology has advanced considerably, heart disease is still tricky to diagnose. It requires an ability to read the results of tests and a willingness to listen carefully to patients. A proper diagnosis also requires thorough analysis of the risk factors for each patient. Busy emergency room doctors and other practitioners on occasion do not take the time to exercise the care required to diagnose heart attack symptoms and other heart ailments.

Failure to diagnose and treat heart disease is found in other places, too. Primary care clinics may fail to order the right tests because they are trying to contain costs. Sometimes clinics don’t even suspect heart disease because they don’t question the patient about their risk factors and family history.

Put Our Experience On Your Side

Founding attorney Jeffrey C. Anderson has more than 35 years of legal experience. He also has a medical background as a former commanding officer of a medic-training company at Fort Sam Houston. This combination of legal and medical knowledge enables us to build strong claims on behalf of our clients who have suffered injury and further illness due to delayed and erroneous diagnoses.

Our firm also represents victims of VA hospital negligence and military medical malpractice. If you need to file a federal tort claim for military medical negligence, our office can help you complete Standard Form 95 (SF95) and seek the compensation you need and deserve.

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