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Lack Of Informed Consent — Medical Battery

In Texas, a patient must be advised about the risk of complications for any medical procedure, and the patient must be provided with the name of the person performing the procedure. Patients are required to receive specific information about the possible risks. If a procedure is performed without securing informed consent from the patient, the result can be medical battery. If you have experienced medical battery, you may be able to receive compensation for any harm caused to you.

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Signing A Consent Form Does Not Rule Out A Malpractice Claim

Just because you signed a document does not mean that negligence is acceptable. Even if you signed an informed consent form, you can still file a claim if medical malpractice caused an injury or illness. It is important to speak with a lawyer with experience in these types of cases, as the specific details are critical.

We Have Medical And Legal Experience

Founding attorney Jeffrey C. Anderson handles cases arising from lack of informed consent. He is a former commanding officer of a medic-training company at Fort Sam Houston. Along with that medical experience, he has been practicing law for more than 35 years. He can quickly identify the relevant issues in medical malpractice cases and build strong claims on behalf of our clients. We have obtained compensation for people who suffered damage because of medical battery in military and civilian hospitals and clinics. Our cases have involved issues such as:

  • Performing a procedure based on a misdiagnosis
  • Performing a procedure involving a previously unidentified problem without specific consent
  • Determining the precise limitations of an informed consent document
  • Performing surgery when not named on an informed consent document
  • Performing surgery on the wrong body part

We Have Extensive Resources For These Complex Cases

Medical battery and lack of informed consent are two different legal concepts. Our attorney can advise you about the type of case you have. Frequently, a lack of informed consent case turns on whether the physician provided the accepted standard of care. Our attorney consults with a wide network of medical and surgical experts to identify deviations from the accepted standard of care.

We represent veterans, veterans’ spouses and dependents of active-duty military members. We can file a federal tort claim on your behalf if you have been harmed due to VA medical negligence.

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